Rehearsal Schedule

A Murder is Announced

Rehearsal Schedule  for  “A Murder is Announced“:

 [PDF format]  Updated: February 23, 2018, notes last added March 5

Posted March 5.  Note rehearsals will be at the Coach House starting March 5.


1. tonight [March 5] we are at the theater  12 Augusta Street – parking behind the theater all are called

2. tomorrow [Tuesday, March 6] wear black top for photos.

3. welcome to Lena Schorr our new intern

4. Wednesday [March 7] will be a question mark.  Forecast looks bad, but I will let you know definitely on Tuesday night.

Tuesday the 13th all are called for a read through. I have a board meeting in the back room, you need to run lines.

You are expected to be at your scheduled rehearsal, on time and ready.
Please email Barbara if for any reason you cannot make a rehearsal or expect to be late.